Yes we CAN Can!

9th August 2019

At Medi-Shower, we are redefining the fate of plastic waste from our shower systems.  We start by using only 70g of plastic to produce each Medi-Shower head – in contrast to 220g on average for a traditional shower head

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NHS Foundation Trust Explores Medi-Shower

19th October 2017

Silver/copper ionisation has long been known as an effective way to protect against microbial contaminants, bacteria proliferation and colonisation. The technical team at South Warwickshire NHS Foundation Trust understand how effective it is for the disinfection process.


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Reported Legionnaires Disease Breakout in Adelaide

1st June 2017

According to a recent story published by ABC News, three cases of Legionnaires’ disease are reported to have broken out in Adelaide, prompting health authorities to urge businesses to decontaminate their air-conditioning and industrial cooling towers. 


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The Medi-Shower Is Nominated for Prestigious Waterborne Disease-Combating Award

24th August 2016

The Medi-Shower has been nominated for the coveted Combating Legionella & Water Treatment 2016 award.

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Introducing the Medi-Flex Tail: a New Product from Medi-Shower

3rd March 2016

We are very excited to announce the successful trial and production of a new anti-microbial product to join our ground-breaking Medi-Shower showerhead components.

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Water Sustainability Commitments from COP21 Flood in

17th December 2015

The COP21 global climate conference has finally taken place. The conference didn’t focus specifically on the issue of anti-microbial shower heads. However, a range of different climate-related topics were discussed at all-night talks and representatives from countries around the world poured their efforts into coming up with innovative, cost-effective climate control measures.


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Medi-Shower Secures Off-Shore Deal with BP

16th October 2015

In the vast majority of cases, an offshore installation will generally use a single source of portable water for drinking, eating and washing, and therefore, the integrity of this supply is vital for the wellbeing of the crew. Illness can easily spread around a crew when the water has not been decontaminated with the proper antibacterial precautions.

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Infectious disease in residential and leisure sectors

3rd August 2015

The motive behind the creation of Medi-Shower was to reduce the risk of water-borne infection in an affordable way. But Medi-Shower’s application is not restricted to healthcare organisations, or even the unique nautical environs that we discussed earlier this month. Medi-Shower can also reduce the risk of infection in more familiar areas of life: areas which often face hidden and unexpected risks.

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The distinctive health concerns of freight shipping workers

20th July 2015

Long-distance shipping workers operate in an environment which presents diverse and unexpected health risks and dangers. In the close quarters of a vessel, infectious disease is much more of a threat than on shore. These atypical work environments have given rise to swathes of research into protocol and best practice, as well as much medical research. 

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Biomaster demonstrates 97.17% effectiveness over new superbug

30th March 2015

A deadly new superbug – possibly more potent than MRSA – is causing a new wave of concern on wards up and down the UK. In a new 24-hour test, Biomaster-treated Medi-Shower has been shown to reduce 97.17% of the bacterial species K pneumoniae CPE, compared to a non-Biomaster-treated material. Can Biomaster and Medi-Shower be an effective defense against this new threat?

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6 ways to reduce harmful legionella in healthcare water systems

23rd February 2015

According to statistics, 2010 saw 38 deaths from Legionnaires’ disease in England and Wales. This tragic fact is a symptom of an imperfect infection defense system in our healthcare. Despite this, there are a number of ways to protect your water source from legionella.

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NHS infection may fall as Scotland health bosses awarded additional £65m funding

11th February 2015

Healthcare institutions don’t have the funding or resource they need to be effective. Standards begin to slip, and we see an increase in the number of bacterial infections and diseases in our hospitals, care homes and research facilities.In Scotland, to combat rising patient numbers and drug costs, the Scottish government has awarded health boards an additional £65m to help reduce the escalating situation in the NHS.

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Europe and Asia to overtake US in medical research

23rd January 2015

According to the Journal of the American Medical Association, the US – once proud leader in medical research – is loosing its grip on the market, and Europe and Asia are on an upward trend. The journal concludes that if the current trend continues, the Europe and Asia will overtake the US in the coming decade.

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