NHS Foundation Trust Explores Medi-Shower

19th October 2017 0 Comments

Silver/copper ionisation has long been known as an effective way to protect against microbial contaminants, bacteria proliferation and colonisation. The technical team at South Warwickshire NHS Foundation Trust understand how effective it is for the disinfection process.

The Warwick Hospital site presently utilises this type of protection on several of the incoming MCW supplies [ref ProEconomy Orca Systems].

Because of their familiarity with this practice, they were interested to explore the Medi-Shower product due to the usage of silver content in the manufacturing process and the probability that it will work well with the current silver/copper ionisation.

Fit for purpose

More reviews were undertaken, including a direct enquiry to the Water Regulatory Advisory Scheme (WRAS). The results proved that the material used during the production of the shower tubing was deemed fit for purpose of water systems (approval number 1202506).

A representative from Medi-Shower visited the Warwickshire Hospital site to showcase the product to Trust Water Safety Group members. This resulted in an agreement to the installation of a one-off Medi-Shower hose and head and the orchestration of trials to assess users’ opinions. These included clinical staff, hotel services and maintenance staff. The hospital’s technical team also oversaw the taking of bacterial water samples from the shower outlet.

This trial proved successful and the technical team held a business case based on 160 Medi-Shower units to be supplied across a five-year plan. 

The business case was based on existing knowledge of the cost of labour and chemicals to disinfect shower heads and hoses, in comparison to replacing only 160 ‘one twist’ Medi-Shower head inserts.

The results

The savings on labour costs alone would give a full return on investment over five years, but along with this benefit, it the advantage to Warwickshire’s maintenance manager to save on essential labour resources whilst also lowering the logistical COSHH risk and related costs of purchasing chemical disinfectants.

Contact us for more information on how you can procure your Medi-Shower solution today on 02033 569 769, or at info@medi-shower.co.uk.  



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