Medi-Shower Product Reference


The technical team at South Warwickshire NHS Foundation Trust were already aware of the benefits of using Silver/Copper ionisation as a means of protecting against microbial contaminants, colonisation and bacteria proliferation, as the Warwick Hospital site already benefits from this type of protection on several of the incoming MCW supplies [ref ProEconomy Orca Systems]

Therefore they were keen to learn more about the Medi-Shower product considering that silver content is used in the manufacturing process and the likelihood of it complimenting the existing silver/copper ionisation regime.

Further checks were conducted including a direct enquiry to the Water Regulatory Advisory Scheme (WRAS) The outcome proved that the material used in the production of the shower tubing was declared fit to use on water systems (approval number 1202506)

A Medi-Shower representative was invited to site to present the product to members of the Trusts Water Safety Group, and it was agreed to install a one-off Medi-Shower head and hose and conduct trails to gauge the opinions of the end users including clinical staff, hotel services and maintenance staff. Furthermore the technical team arranged for bacterial water samples to be taken from the shower outlet.

The trial proved successful and the Technical Team conducted a business case based on 160 Medi-Shower Units supplied on a 5 year plan.

The business case was based on the existing known labour and chemical costs to disinfect the existing shower heads and hoses verses the labour time only to replace 160 ‘one twist’ Medi-Shower head inserts.


The Labour savings alone will provide a full return on investment over a 5 year period, but just as important is the benefit to the Maintenance Manager to free up a valuable labour resource whilst at the same time reducing both the logistical COSHH risk and the associated cost with purchasing chemical disinfectant.

Further Advantages

  • The Maintenance Team can now complete the quarterly statutory shower PPM checks over a two day period (16 hours) rather than staggering it throughout the quarter due to the availability of labour and the associated operational and logistical problems (80 hours)
  • The responsible person for water quality and compliance now receives the quarterly shower test records on-time and regularly at the beginning of each quarter.
  • The Medi-Shower product is compatible with the existing silver/copper treatment systems installed on several of the hospitals incoming mains cold water supplies.
  • The coloured insert quarterly control chart acts as a very useful aide-mémoire for both the Infection Prevention and Maintenance Teams.
  • Sustainability - Water flow restrictors are readily available (6&9 litres per minute) and fit neatly into the cone end swivel attachment located at the shower head end of the product.
  • The shower head inserts are totally recyclable upon return to the supplier.
  • The Medi-shower hose design is significantly stronger than the previously used chrome plated type.
  • The technical team have simplified and improved their management and record keeping process as a direct result of purchasing the Medi-Shower Product.

Lessons Learned

Upon installation it became evident that not all of the existing shower head holdersand in some cases rail risers were compatible resulting in loose fitting shower heads ‘swivelling’ around freely. There are several solutions on the market but this did incur an extra unforeseen labour and material cost.


David Smith Technical Officer – Responsible Person for Water

South Warwickshire NHS Foundation Trust