Pharmaceutical packaging company reports a significant reduction of micro-organisms following the installation of Medi-Shower systems.


Over the years, Qualiti Burnley Limited has developed a comprehensive range of packaging for pharmaceutical clients. As a result, all operations must comply with licences granted and controlled by the Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency.

A word from the client:

“A significant part of our obligations include an effective cleaning program to ensure all traces of previously packed product are removed from contact parts. All washing of the contact parts is performed in house under clean-room conditions and the final stage of a contact part wash is a triple rinse in purified water.

“Through work with Medi-ShowerTM, we have been able to significantly control the levels of micro-organisms present in our water. We identified the point of dispense as being a vulnerable area for microbial growth that had to be addresses.

Following a full clean of the system, a Medi-ShowerTM head was fitted and put into service. Four weeks after installation a sample was sent for analysis at an independent testing facility and was found to fall within European Pharmacopoeia limits.”

Chris Bracken

QA Technical Manager


  • Consultation and diagnosis of point of vulnerability.
  • Levels of cleanliness brought within European Pharmacopoeia limits.
  • Subsequent tests on following months’ samples have shown the levels found falling to a manageable level.
  • Ultimate piece of mind for operations manager.