Queens University, Belfast


The QUESTOR Centre at Queen’s University, Belfast, tested the Multishower GB Ltd showerhead for limescale and bacteria, with great results.


The QUESTOR Centre at Belfast University is an environmental and innovation center that aims to generate knowledge and technologies for the future needs of industry.

A word from the client

“The QUESTOR Centre carried out work on behalf of Multishower GB Ltd comparing their product to standard shower heads that deliver the water jet through small holes. The results were definitive. In comparison with the other shower heads we tested, the reduction in build up of calcium and bacteria was considerable for the Multishower GB Ltd head.”

Dr. Julie-Anne Hanna

QUESTOR CENTRE Applied Technology Unit



  • Analysis determined the calcium concentrations of the extract water (a key indicator of limescale build-up).
  • The extracts from the Multishower GB Ltd head showed a small increase in Calcium content to 0.6 milligrams/kg.
  • Shower Head B showed a large increase in Calcium content to a figure of 143 milligrams/kg.
  • The increase in concentration with Shower Head B was approximately 238 times higher than observed with the Multishower GB Ltd head.


  • SEM microscopy gave an indication of the degree to which the showerheads became colonised by micro-organisms.
  • At 10000x magnification, 2 bacterial cells were observed with the sample taken from a Multishower GB Ltd head. 27 cells were observed in the sample taken from the Shower Head B.
  • There were therefore 13.5 times more bacteria in Shower Head B than the multishower GB Ltd head.
  • The result implies that bacteria are significantly less likely to colonise a Multishower head than their competitors.