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Hello, and welcome from the multi award-winning Medi-Shower team. We're delighted to bring you our unmatched anti-microbial showering solutions. Our cutting-edge product design team have developed and patented a healthcare product that enables institutions to reduce the risk of water-born infection, meet budgets and offer a standard showering option for all healthcare organisations.


Showers are a necessity in Healthcare premises, however, they present a risk of nosocomial waterborne infection from bacteria such as Legionella and Pseudomonas. Most Healthcare facilities worldwide use standard domestic shower heads which rely upon traditional spray plate technology. This technology encourages limescale deposits and growth of both biofilm and bacteria.

A complete solution

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Medi-Shower™ was designed to solve these hygiene problems by completely replacing the spray plate with an innovative anti-microbial, detachable and colour coded micro-sized shower head.


Under budget above expectation

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The system includes a hose assembly, a shower handle featuring a smooth bore inner water tract and micro-sized colour coded shower heads. The 3 gram colour coded shower heads are replaced/recycled quarterly.

Future-thinking sustainability

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Medi-Shower has the potential to reduce waste to Zero over its 5 year lifetime as the colour coded shower heads are fully recyclable.

Safer than ever before

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Tested on over 50 different bacterial species in over 2000 applications, Medi-Shower’s anti-microbial addictive helps reduce the proliferation of opportunistic pathogens.


Biomaster technology is embedded throughout all the materials in the Medi-Shower showerhead assembly and is an inorganic and non-leaching anti-microbial solution to help reduce harmful bacteria such as Legionella, Pseudomonas, MRSA, E.coli, CPE, Listeria, Salmonella and Campylobacter.

The Medi-Shower anti-microbial hose assembly includes anti-microbial washers and has been specifically developed for potable water for the NHS. If the technology is good enough to drink from then it is certainly good enough to shower with.

Hygiene is the main priority at every stage of Medi-Shower's showering technology.

Each Medi-Shower Control kit contains a set of colour coded Medi-Shower shower heads, where the 4 colours represent the calendar quarters. This innovative technology enables Healthcare facilities easily identify and monitor the system. By regularly changing the colour coded shower heads this reduces the risk associated with the water outlet point - the critical area of concern identified by UK government HTM-04-01 guidelines.

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